Fully Custom Designs & Unique Pieces


One difference between custom cabinetry and pre-fabricated cabinetry is in the name, custom.  With Heritage Home you can get your cabinetry in any size needed for your project. The height, depth, width and look can be whatever you desire.

Custom Cabinetry Camarillo


Bespoke (made to order) furniture is a passion for Heritage Home.  Many times it can be difficult to find a piece of furniture that matches the wood, stain or finish of pieces you already have. Whatever finish or size that’s required for your home, we at Heritage Home can accommodate your specific needs.

Custom Furniture Camarillo


In addition to woodworking, Heritage Home is proud to use water-bourne, pre-catalyzed lacquers to finish our projects. What this means for you, the client, is that you get a hard-shell finish that water has difficulty penetrating. This product has less V.O.C.’s (volatile organic compound) than normal house paint, which means that there is no danger of leeching hazardous fumes once your project is in your house.

Paint and Finishes Camarillo

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen remodeling and design isn’t just putting the dishwasher next to the sink, there are many more elements to consider to assure that your kitchen is designed with cooking, cleaning and storage in mind.  In addition, I feel that more than one person should be able to work in a kitchen without stepping all over each other.

Paint and Finishes Camarillo


In addition to cabinetry and furniture, we provide finish carpentry services that includes, but is not limited to; crown molding, baseboard, door casing, wainscot, chair rail, decorative pillars, etc.

Finish Carpentry Camarillo


Wood turning has many different uses. From newel post and balusters for stairs to table legs and candle sticks. Many wood turners make decorative bowls. Wood turning can also be a delightful way to dress up your kitchen cabinets.

Wood Turning Camarillo

Hood Vents

To enhance the design of any kitchen, Heritage Home is pleased to offer custom hood vents. You get to choose the design, the wood and the finish. Custom hood vents bring architectural interest and appeal that can elevate any design.

Hood Vents Camarillo
"Our clients love having a hand in the design of their woodworking project. It makes the design more personal and unique."