Working with Designers and Contractors

As much as I enjoy building relationships with my clients, (mainly home owners), the relationship is short lived, lasting only as long as the project.  Unless, of course, they hire me again for another project.  However, when working with designers and contractors I get to develop relationships that can last for years.

I know that these are just business relationships but it can be very satisfying to build trust and respect with other business owners.  In doing so I’ve built a network of building professionals. With this network I’ve been able to make connections that benefit everyone.

One way I build trust with a designer or contractor is by showing them that I’m always there to support them.  I am there to make them look good and to make their customer happy.  I’ve been a general contractor for 20 years and I can tell you that it can be miserable when your sub-contractors are arguing with you and are only concerned with getting paid and getting out of there.  I not only try my best to provide a professional product but I also warrantee my work.  If anything were to go wrong with my work, I am always there to fix it.  I never want my clients, whether home owners or designers and contractors, to feel that I’m only there to collect a check so I can move on to my next project.  I want them to know that I am there for the long haul.

Another way I build trust is through communication.  I make sure to always call them back as soon as I can and never leave them wondering where I am or what I’m doing.  By doing these very simple things, I assure them that I will be there when they need me and I will never leave them wondering.  Personally I believe these simple business practices are vital to building and keeping relationships.

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